Whatever, pedant
Duration: 5.44 minutes
A still-life slowly defrosts, as we listen to the audio description of a collective action staged outside the Home Office (November 2019) by a group of young female actors.
The sound was recorded on location, using a hidden microphone worn by professional audio-describer, William Elliot, who observed the scene. The performance was one of a series involving ambiguous and subtle acts of resistance in places where governmental decisions are made and state power is wielded. Quietly turning a watchful gaze on the agencies, institutions and employees that enact the 'hostile environment' and austerity policies of Conservative and coalition governments since 2010. 
A film by Ker Wallwork
Audio description by William Elliot
Performers: Kemz Ade, Francine De Clercq, Johanna Korte, Sharonjot Mahi, Chanelle McKenzie, Shavana Miah
Production assistants: Charlie Coffey and Marcus Orlandi