Ker wallwork

Borde (austerity implies endurance)
Felt, soap, cardboard, metal, paper, ink, watercolour
Dimensions: 210 x 125 x 50cm

A sculpture housing drawings, prints and photos of archival material relating to frustration in community organising and healthcare settings. The title and print on the felt refer to the “Grid” used at La Borde clinique (Loire Valley, France), a non-hierarchical way of organising labour between staff and patients.  

On the wall behind are three pieces of text about interviews; one describes the emotional aftermath of an interview between an academic and someone involved in politically radical communities, one is the beginning of an imagined interview with a person in a hospital and the third is edited from guidance given to Department for Work and Pensions work coaches on how to conduct work-related interviews with sick or disabled claimants who are not able to work.