Ker wallwork

Duration: 9:50 minutes
Collaboration between Juliet Jacques and Ker Wallwork
Approach/Withdraw is a short film narrated by Rebecca Root, which explores how public understandings of oestrogen and sex hormones affect the sense of self and relationships of those who feel at odds with their assigned gender.
The majority of the material relates to the production of pharmaceutical oestrogen or endocrine-disrupting chemicals - substances that behave like oestrogen when they are absorbed into the body. These chemicals are common in plastics, fabric-dyes and soy products. The film also incorporates Christian imagery, 19th century phrenological heads and photographs taken by 20th century sexologists - to illustrate ways in which contemporary identities bear the marks of religious and scientific precepts. 
Written, shot and directed by Ker Wallwork and Juliet Jacques for the, BFI and Kings College 'Queering Love Queering Hormones' project, with support from the Wellcome Trust.
Available to view with subtitles in English, Italian and Spanish, please contact me for further details.